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Survey/Review Papers

TIM encourages submission of high quality survey or review papers. Like any other paper published in TIM, a survey or review paper must also make a journal-level technical contribution, such as a novel taxonomy that will guide other researchers, deep analysis with new findings that were previously unknown, or identifying gaps and providing new insights that weren't known before. Please note that simply listing a bunch of papers in a given topic and/or doing shallow analysis will not be enough to be considered for TIM. A paper that is simply a sequence of "Authors in paper X did so and so, and authors in paper Y did such and such, etc." without any journal-level contributions (as described above), will be rejected during the screening process and without going to reviewers.

Please check the survey papers already published in TIM, so you don't submit a survey paper that overlaps with the published ones.

The free page limit for Survey/Review articles is 12 pages, after which overlength fees apply. Other than this, Survey/Review papers have the same submission instructions as Regular papers. For more information about submitting regular papers, please see here.