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Short Papers

Short papers are intended to provide authors with a means for a relatively rapid publication of novel, significant and time-sensitive articles in TIM's scope. Short papers are limited to a minimum of three and a maximum of four published pages and must be submitted in the two-column format of the IEEE transactions. There will be no author bios published at the end of Short Papers. Short papers:

  1. are reviewed faster than regular papers (our target is to be twice as fast as regular papers)
  2. have a faster revision time than regular papers (in case of "Minor revision" decision)

A Short Paper is considered an archival journal publication and therefore must possess technical novelty, direct relevance to TIM's scope, be on a current topic with a certain degree of publication time sensitivity, have an adequate number of relevant references, include a no shorter than a 250-word abstract, and NO part of it may have been previously published in ANY form, including as part of a proceedings paper.

Subsequent to the review process, a decision of “Accept", "Minor Revisions", or “Reject” will be rendered.  Rejected papers may be revised and resubmitted as a new manuscript.

To partially defer the publications cost, authors agree to pay a mandatory overlength page charge for each page or fraction thereof beyond the SECOND page of the short paper.

The submission rules, other than what is mentioned above, are exactly the same as the regular papers, and can be seen here.