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Reviewer Guide

Video Tutorial

We strongly suggest you to see the video "Reviewing an Article", found at the bottom of this page.

Reviewer Guide

When you review a paper, you can submit two sets of comments:

  1. Remarks for the Associate Editor/Editor (optional, invisible to authors)
  2. Remarks for the Author (mandatory, visible to authors)

Remarks for the Associate Editor/Editor
This is optional. Please use this to report exceptional situations, such as plagiarism, double submission, conflict of interest, private comments to the editor, etc. Remember that authors will not be able to see these comments.

Remarks for the Author

Remarks for the Author section is mandatory. Here, please write your review and evaluation about the paper. Please give detailed constructive comments that authors can use to improve their work. For example, if you just say "This work is not novel", there is not enough information for authors to understand why. Instead, you should say something like "the signal processing part of this work is not novel, and has already been done in [a][b]" where [a] and [b] are papers that the authors can refer to in order to see why their work is not novel.

Important notes:

  1. Never disclose your identity to the authors! Remember that authors can read this section, so don't leave any clues about who you are. Reviews must be blind
  2. Do not ask authors to study/cite your own paper, or compare their work against yours! Not only this might reveal your identity (see above), but it might also give the perception that you want to increase your citation count.