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How to Become an Editor?

How to Become An Associate Editor for TIM

The selection process of Associate Editors is automatic and by invitation only. As such, please do NOT apply yourself or nominate someone for this position.

Associate Editors are selected based on the current topics of need, from TIM's existing reviewer database, and according to the following criteria:

  1. Must have done at least X reviews in the past Y years;
  2. Must have published more than Z papers in TIM;
  3. Must have submitted their reviews on time at least 80% of the time;
  4. Must have a reviewer ranking score of 2.5 or above (out of 3);
  5. Must be a university faculty member or industry/government employee.

X, Y, and Z are determined based on the available candidates and the number of AEs needed. The EiC will contact candidates that meet the above criteria and invite them to be AEs.

To become a reviewer for TIM, please see here.