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Comment Papers

Comment Papers

Comment papers are papers of 3 pages (IEEE transactions format) or less that comment on a previously-published paper, usually to point to a technical problem/error in the latter. The process for Comment papers is as follows:

  1. Commenting authors email their comment paper directly to the EiC. Please do not upload your comment paper to the submission system! The paper must be in IEEE double-column transactions format.

  2. The EiC will send the comment paper to the authors of the commented paper, asking them to submit a rebuttal, if they so wish. A deadline will be given to submit the rebuttal.

  3. As soon as the rebuttal is submitted or the deadline expires, both the commenting paper and the rebuttal (if available) will be sent to a cognizant reviewer, who will submit his/her recommendation to the EiC. This reviewer is normally (but not always) one of the existing TIM Associate Editors.

  4. If the recommendation is to accept the comment paper (rebuttal is incorrect), the comment paper will be accepted for publication in the journal.

  5. If the recommendation is to accept both the comment and the rebuttal paper (review is inconclusive, or both parties are correct from their respective perspectives), both will be accepted for publication in the journal.

  6. If the recommendation is to reject the comment paper (comment paper is incorrect), the decision will be final with no options to submit the comment paper again.