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J.M. Dias Pereira

J.M. Dias Pereira Headshot Photo

J. M. Dias Pereira (M’00–SM’04) was born in Portugal in 1959. He received is degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) in 1982.

In 1995 he received the MSc degree, in 1999 the PhD degree and in 2008 the Aggregation, all degrees are included in the area of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

His professional experience includes the following positions: from 1984 till 1986 he developed activities in Control Data as a field engineer in the area of mechanical and electrical tests of magnetic heads and storage disk drives, Control Data, during this period we stayed almost six months in U.S.A. (Control Data factory in Aberdeen); from 1986 till 1987 he worked as a an engineer head of digital transmission of Lisbon and Porto Telecommunications Company; from 1987 till 1992 he worked an engineer head of installation and maintenance of digital switching and transmission systems of the Portuguese Telecommunications Company. During this period he was in charge of all engineering services developing all the required activities to install and interface the new digital switching exchanges with the analog ones.

He has published over 200 articles in engineering journals and proceedings, has three patents, and he published one book and three chapters in instrumentation and measurement areas.

His main areas of expertise include industrial instrumentation, environmental measurements, A/D and D/A conversions, and digital signal processing techniques based on ANNs and FNNs.

Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal
TIM Associate Editor